Drones for coasts and wetlands

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Drones reduce project costs by cutting time in the field and office, and a good pilot can capture beautiful imagery to elevate your brand and engage your audience.

Drones as a service

We do the flying, processing and editing to produce custom maps, beautiful videos, engaging photos and interactive 3D models.

Drone data processing

You have a drone, we’ll help you get the most out of it with data processing and analysis services.

Creative projects and cutting edge science

We offer full production videos in partnership with Timelapse Film, bring stories to life with engaging multimedia, and produce custom analysis tools built by top scientific and mathematics talent in partnership with top universities, with subsidies available.

Featured Project

We’re working with mathematicians and biotech researchers at top universities to support cutting-edge research that will enhance the work of NGOs and local not-for-profits working to make our coasts healthier. This is a pilot project in crowdfunded science and every dollar donated will be quadrupled to build a healthy coast. Please consider donating today!

We’re proud to be leading the pilot project of a new initiative for crowdfunded science called the Fathom Fund. Every donation to this campaign will be quadrupled, turning $25 into $100 to support a scientific research program dedicated to 100% transparency. That means the data, research results, and expenditures will all be made public.

Make a donation on our Kickstarter page to stand up for a healthy coast!