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Videos, Photos and 3D models

Engage your audience by combining science with art. We’ll help you leverage compelling imagery to tell the story of your project or organization. Get in touch with to start a conversation about how we can support your engagement and outreach goals.


The most engaging way to tell a story.


An aerial view allows us to see a familiar site with new eyes.

3D Models

Interactive 3D models have been shown to increase engagement by allowing people to follow their own interests when exploring a scene. Select the arrows at the bottom-centre of the screen for a virtual tour or click, drag and zoom on the model below to see how 3D models of landscapes can be used to enhance in-person presentations and online engagement.


Quotes are provided for full-production videos and multimedia projects on a per-contract basis.

Standard rates for 3D models and stand-alone video / photography are as follows.

Stand Alone

Combined with mapping project (same day)

Video / Photography

3D Models

$1,000/day billed in half-day increments

Not available

$500 - negotiable if minimal assets are required

$100-$250 per model