Our Team

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Nathan Vadeboncoeur, Ph.D

President and founder

Nathan's goal is to develop impactful, innovative products that make the world more sustainable. As a former climate change adaptation researcher and consultant he saw the need for up-to-date high quality data and set out to do something about it. That led to the creation of Smart Shores, a company dedicated to providing some of the tools needed for science-based environmental decision-making. A former university instructor, motivational speaker and athletics coach, he believes that data alone isn’t enough to create change - it needs to tell a story.


Paul Moquin, M.Sc.

Field operations

Paul is an experienced outdoorsman, freshwater biologist, photographer and former whitewater guide. He puts these skills to good use collecting data along shorelines throughout BC.

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Felix Funk, M.Sc.

Data Scientist

Felix is a mathematician and computational data scientist.


Our Partners

Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences

PIMS is Canada’s premier mathematical institution with a presence at 11 universities across the country and affiliates in Europe and South America. We work with PIMS to help advance the application of computational data science to environmental problems.

Timelapse Media House

Timelapse is a full service content agency that is dedicated to conceptualizing, creating and marketing visually stunning film, music videos and digital & commercial content. Our founder is the aerial camera operator for Timelapse and an environmental film collaborator. Our projects benefit from their artful production services.