Mapping and Analysis

Better Data. Deeper Insight. Bigger impact.

Drone data is only useful once it’s been interpreted. We have automated some of the most time consuming data classification tasks so that you don’t have to spend hours making sense of your data.

If you fly your own drones we can speed up your data classification workflow and save costs by some automating manual tasks. If you don’t have a drone, we offer affordable high-precision, ground-point verified aerial surveys.

We support or clients with the collection and analysis of data for:

  • Environmental site assessment

  • Environmental restoration planning

  • Ecosystem and shoreline change monitoring

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Measure distance and area at up to sub-centimetre resolution with high visual fidelity.

Nanaimo Estuary caree.PNG

digital elevation models

Measure surface elevations at up to 5cm precision and resolution to monitor erosion and infill.

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high density point clouds

Point clouds are used for advanced GIS analysis and can be turned into a 3D mesh for use in engineering workflows in software like CAD.